Texas Hills RV Haven Extended Stay
Hello from Texas Hills RV Haven!

With Lake Buchanan in drought we are adjusting our business model.  We are looking for people who enjoy peace and quiet and just wish to relax. Our park is 3.5 acres and my wife and I maintain cleanliness year round and do not allow excess items outside RV/cabins. My wife and I live on-site and are here for your security and serenity!

RV Sites: $425 per month (includes electric, water, sewer, garbage)
  * RV Sites 1-5: full-time RV's
  * RV Sites 6 -10 weekenders and snowbirds

Housing Options: $500 refundable deposit at end of stay assuming no damages and left clean
   * Cabins: $700 - $750 plus electric based (includes water, sewer, garbage)
   * Lake House: $1200 plus electric based (includes water, sewer, garbage)

If wanting to inquire please be aware of the following:
 - 2 adults per cabin or RV
 - At this time No kids living here full-time (visiting is ok)
 - No pets in cabins (pets ok for RV's)
 - No smoking in cabins
 - If your RV is older than 2010 we need to approve the RV
 - We do not have public facilities (restroom/showers)
 -  Rent will be due on the 1st of the month
 - We will require first months rent prior to moving in and deposit for housing
 - While we are fine with family/friends coming up for a visit we do not allow full time additions to the group in your RV/cabin

If interested please give us a call at 325-379-1119.

Jeff and Margot